By profession I am a Civil Engineer working in the United Arab Emirates which I would love to say ‘the world of opportunities’. I had learned dance while I was too young and discontinued at the age of 9 or 10. Its not high time that I got this passion to dance and it was just an year ago I came across to be present for a dance concert presented by Mr. Prem Menon and his students in Dubai…I could really feel an emotion which came from the innerself of me while witnessing the student’s performance which I later learnt from my guru that there is something called the Saatvikaanubhava…. I made up my mind to start learning dance and joined an institute of dance in Dubai …My dream slowly started coming true when I joined them in Nov 13th 2012….and with God’s blessings though I was still striving with the ‘adavus’ my teacher took effort to train me so well that I could be part of their annual day function performing a Varnam which explains Lord Karthikeya….and thereafter I am persuing this amazing art form which has its origin thousands of years ago…. It wasn’t a surprise for me when I accidently met a girl Ms.Pooja, who is a dance teacher staying in the same building where I stay, since I had heard about her before and decided to join her but unfortunately couldn’t locate her and eventually joined the dance institute. I didn’t have to think twice, later when I met her to start classes with her. It was really surprising to know her talent, indepth knowledge and the way of teaching. Learning more about this amazing art is more than a passion for me now and its giving life to my present life and so do I continue until the opportunity leaves me…………
More of fascination to me at the moment is that I got a fantastic opportunity to join Mr.Prem Menon’s dance classes and now I am enjoying dancing more than I did before and now every day I try and work hard to dance better than I did the previous day…. This blog is my humble effort to bring forth to the attention of thousands like me, the theories related to bharatanatyam which I could grab from the global encyclopedia “Google” and from my Guru’s. Please always feel free to notify me any corrections that you (the reader) may feel genuine with supporting document and I may update accordingly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site and sharing your thoughts and knowledge……


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  1. Hi Anu,
    I am a BN Dancer in South Africa, a disciple of Master Dhananjayan and i have enjoyed reading your blog, i love your style of writing and personal interaction with the reader.
    I would like to get in touch with you regarding information that you have researched and shared.
    can i email you?
    thank you

  2. Hey There!! I’m 23 now, I’m so interested in bharatanatyam…I started learning adavus and stuff but in order to become a professional dancer,it takes 6 to 8 years…but I want to be one…so do u think its a good idea to go ahead, I’m confident yet confused….what do you suggest?

  3. I am an Instrumentation Engineer , Engineering is my profession but dance is my passion always. from my childhood I used to perform with various dance troops . I had a wish to learn this great Indian dance Bharatnatyam. But as I belong to small town west bengal there was no such dance school. Presently I have shifted to Delhi due to job and started learning Bharatnatyam from my guru Santanu Chakaraborty. I am enjoying a lot this spiritual dance form which makes me feel more connected with God.

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