For performing the bharatanatyam, the araimandi posture is very important. It makes a lot difference in the appearance when the dancer uses the perfect araimandi posture while she dances. In this posture, the dancer has to compress her height to at least 3/4th of her original height and turn the feet to both sides keeping a 180 degree between. This will give a perfect dual typical triangular shape for the body and stability to dance.

Things that should not be done while in Araimandi are:
1. The back should not project
2. Stomach should not protrude
3. The torso should not bend or lean forward

In this way, “the brahmasutra” an imaginary line passing through the centre of your body is in balance.

When the araimandi is beyond the threshold point there is an involuntary urge for lifting your heels which will result in an imbalance.

Araimandi is also mentioned as ardhamandalam or aayatham.


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