16th Sep 2014

For the past few months I was feeling drained out with topics to write as I had mentioned earlier. I was in Kerala with my family for my annual vacation saying a short bye to all the monotonous routine that I was going through in Dubai. I was out from Dubai for about a month and a half and when I am back I feel refreshed, recharged and rebooted. But honestly, now the real problem is that I am running short of time as I am trying hard to catch up with my work at office; the back logs, the sales target, project follow ups and so on. So I really need some more time to continue with the topics here in this blog.

Our trip to the Home land…The God’s Own Country…Kerala………Its really memorable the time I spend in Kerala. I am now missing my parents and the home I was brought up. I don’t miss anything else there though I hear people saying they miss a lot of things out there. Yeah, but I really miss something…..a small home of my own to live in which is yet to be built. Its my small dream….I am awaiting for the dream to come true….where I can have freedom to do whatever I wish.

Let me just brief you the places I had been to. First we went to Goa which is one of the tourist attractions in India. We took the Railway (The Rajdhani Express) from Quilon, stationed in the state of Kerala which is my homeland that tripped directly to Goa station, a long 20hr travel. From there, we hired Goan taxi and drove all the way to Club Mahindra Resort which was just half an hour drive from the station. The hospitality that we enjoy at the Club Mahindra resorts (I had been to their other resorts too) from the time they welcome us till we check out is highly appreciable. You can really have all types of fun, adventure, site seeing, go for a swim, relax at the spa, the activity center which starts at 7PM really makes you entertained with lots of games and dances and finally the yummy buffets will make your trip complete in all senses.
Goa is a place of beaches and churches. Since it is located in the Western Ghats region it is so much enriched with beautiful flora and fauna.

A bit of a history about Goa…….Goa was under Portuguese possession even after India got its independence in 1947 since 1510 until Indian army began its military operations in 1961 and released Goa, Daman and Diu and was centrally administered as Union territory. On 30th May 1987 Goa was split from the three and was declared as the 25th state of India. It is the smallest state in India by area and fourth smallest by population. Size doesn’t matter for them ,you know their GDP per capita is two and a half times that of the country. As it was a former Portuguese province, it still exhibits their cultural influence. The Portuguese landed in Goa during the 16th century as merchants and eventually conquered them and ruled them for almost 450 years !!!!! Now in this 21st century, Goa is being visited by a large number of international and domestic tourists for its beaches, places of worships and world heritage architecture.

Lack of time had limited our visits to just a few of the churches, the most attractive one was the St.Francis church situated in Dona Paula(if I am not wrong) which preserves the mummy of St.Francis. We have really missed the places like the wild life sanctuary, museums, temples etc; Hope some time we will cover all these places.

Our second trip was to Cherai beach resort in Kerala where we stayed again at the Club Mahindra’s Cherai beach resort. I have something that I would never forget my whole life time……Nothing other than a small, a very small hotel along the side of the road by the river side where they make the most delicious crab curry, fish fry and prawn curry with the very fresh crabs, prawns and fish they grab directly the river side by……Yummy Yummy Yummy……………….

Now, if you really want to rejuvenate yourselves, please don’t waste your time. Book your tickets right now and fly to south India.

8th July 2014

My mind is totally blank now for the past one week…..feel like totally drained out and need a temporary halt…Need to come up with new and interesting topics in bharatanatyam very shortly…I have no words to express my gratitude to each one of you for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts and encouraging me to put in my efforts to make it much more interesting and fact filled than before. As always do keep me posted with your comments and suggestions to carry off with my work…..

21 May 2014

I would say that its fate that twisted my life style three years back when I had my second baby. It was on an emergency that I was admitted at one of the hospitals in Dubai on 7th July 2011. I had been a regular visitor of Dr.Pramila throughout the eight months that passed with minor problems happened on and off. I was admitted with hypertension at 100/200 level and that was totally a critical moment in my life. I was frightened but still silent and offered my prayers to the Almighty without even talking to my beloved ones. Since I have not finished my 36weeks they were not allowed to do the caesarian in the absence of a neonatologist . Unfortunately or I would rather say fortunately the neonatologist had gone for her short vacation and was expected a couple of days later. My blood pressure was not coming down even after medication and the doctor tried to shift me to other hospital where they have the neonatologist available and arranged an ambulance immediately. All these chaos have made my mind to believe that my life is goanna end soon but for some reason I could remain calm though my mind was struggling hard to overcome the situation. Slowly my blood pressure came down and the doctor said we will wait. And the next two days I was having a controlled blood pressure. On the third day, 10th July 2011 my blood pressure again shot up and like the God’s blessing the neonatologist arrived and directly from the airport she came to the hospital and had my cesarean done under her administration. I had a baby boy who was weighing 1.6 Kg and was kept in the incubator for few days until he gained weight. My blood pressure came to a normal after six months. I was totally depressed and hopeless days passed day by day . Each day looked like a month for me. Finally my husband insisted me to resume my work to bring me back to my previous life. He took the right decision at the right time and I obeyed him. I slowly started getting the momentum in life. The place where I joined for work was an other platform for me to improve myself and certainly I did. The owner of the organization, Mrs. Anitha, she influenced me a lot in changing the way I present myself and she sowed the seeds of courage and hope into my mind . I owe her a lot for all what she did to me. This is the time I have been to attend the dance program of Mr.Prem and his students and there after I have stepped into a different horizon of life.


19 May 2014

Today 19th of May 2014, I feel being the most happiest since my blog reached 1000 hits. I am thankful to each one of you who is visiting my blog regularly and helped me achieve this which I never felt possible by giving good feedback and encouragement. I wish and pray to have the same momentum for my humble attempt as I move on to develop more and add on more informations that I could gather from the “global encyclopedia” the “Google” I would say.


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