” The Natyarambha Sloka “

” The Natyarambha Sloka “


Pranamya Shirasa Devou

Pithamaha Maheswarou

Natyashastram Pravaksyami

Brahamanaya Duthahrutham
Meaning : Bharata Muni says ” I bow my head to Pitamaha (Brahma – the creator of the Natyasastra) and Maheswara(Lord Siva – the creator of dance) and reveal the science of dance (Natyasastra) as it was depicted to me by Lord Brahma.


Devadanaam Shirasthasthu

Gurunamasya samsthithaha

Vakshasthaschaiva vipranaam

Sheshethwa niyamo bhaved
Meaning : We offer prayers with Anjali hasta placed above the head for the Gods, at the forehead for the Guru’s, in front of the chest for all the elders and for all others there is no special rules.


Vishnu shakthi samuthpannae

Chithravarnae maheethalai

Anaeka ratna sampannae

Bhoomi devi namosthuthae
Meaning : I pay my salutation to the mother earth who is conceived from the power and strength of Lord Vishnu, and who is endowed with a magnificent horizon of picturesque colors and many precious stones.


Samudravasanae devii

Parvathasthana mandalae

Natyam Karishyae Bhoodevii

Padaakhatham Shamaswamae
Meaning : The Goddess who wears the sea as her costume, having mountains as the breast we ask your forgiveness for stamping on you while we start with the dancing.


Kati Karna samaayathra

Koorparaamsha shirasthatha

Samunnatham uraschaiva

Saoushtavam nama Thath Bhaved
Meaning : When you align your ears with the waist, head raised with chin slightly up and the chest raised slightly, this posture is called the Saushtavam.


Prayena Karanae Karyoo

Vamovakshasthitha karaha

Charanasyaanu gaschaapi

Dakshinasthu Bhaved Karaha
Meaning : While doing a “Karana” place your left hand in front of the chest, the feet turned to the sides and start with the right hand.


Sarva Shaasthra Sampannam

Sarva Shilpa Pravarthakam

Natyaakyam Panchamam Vedam

Sethihaasam Karomyaham

Meaning : Lord Brahma said : ” I hereby describe Natya which is enriched by all sciences and sculptures which can be considered as the panchama veda.


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